Off The Tracks

I blame the cows

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Hey, all! This is the creative journal for cimplybe, where I will be posting fics, icons, stories, and other such goodies as I create them.

There will also be random references to cows and Henrietta. We decided long ago, in a fit of sugar-induced clarity, that cows are the root cause of all writer-block: they get on the tracks and derail your train of thought. Henrietta, damn her, happens to be my personal cow.

Also, I write fanfiction here. I don't like disclaimers, so you won't see one on any of my fics. Let's face it, fanfiction violates copy write laws even if you do put up a disclaimer and aren't making any money off it. The only reason it thrives is that most authors don't really give a damn, or they like it. Yay for the authors. But, just in case someone flips out: fanfiction - I don't own it. Not making money. Happy pretendy fun times.